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Bar Furniture Buying Guide

Of all the furniture in your home, the pieces in home bars are among the most fun. There are so many great reasons to add home bar furniture to your home. You may be having the guys over for the big game. You may want kitchen stools to turn an unused counter into a breakfast bar. You may be adding a new dining area to a part of your house that doesn't have one yet. Whatever your reason, this home bar furniture buying guide provides tips to help you choose the home bar furniture that is right for you.

What you need to know

If you love to entertain, you know you need a home bar. How far you take it is up to you. Are you just looking for a pub table and a few stools to seat a some friends? Or are you planning to install a sink and mini-fridge so you can have your own personal tavern? Either way, the home bar furniture you choose should reflect your style and show your guests that they are welcome in your home. Start with bar tables and stools from

Bar Stool buying tips

The height of bar stools determines where they should be used.

  • 18 inches: used at a vanity or dressing table. This is also the height used at slot machines, if you decide to add one of those to your home bar.
  • 24 to 26 inches: kitchen bar stools. Use these at counters which are 36 to 39 inches high.
  • 26 to 31 inches: standard barstool size. These will fit at counters and bar tables that are 40 to 45 inches tall.

Taller bar stools can be up to about 36 inches high, but these are usually custom stools, so you probably won't see many of these available. To know for sure what height you need, measure from the floor to the top of the counter or bar table, then subtract 9 to 12 inches--this is the maximum height of your barstool.

If you are unsure how many stools you should have around your bar table or at your counter, measure the length. You'll want 21 to 24 inches of counter space per stool, depending on the width of each bar stool. Most pub tables fit four people, one person on each side, but you may be able to fit a bigger crowd at a counter. Once you know the bar stool size, consider comfort and style.

If you plan on hanging out in your home bar a lot, you may want something upholstered, such as leather bar stools. A stool with a higher back may make the time spent in your home bar more enjoyable. For a bar area that's near a wall, swivel bar stools can make it easier to get in and out of smaller spaces.

If you'll just be using the stools for a few drinks and a little conversation, comfort isn't such a big factor, so focus on style. Most of the time, you'll see the back of your bar stools, so choose something that has a rear view you like. Retro bar stools in brightly colored vinyl will give your home bar a whimsical feel--like a burger joint or an ice cream parlor. Wooden bar stools can feel traditional or casual, depending on the type of wood and whether or not the seat is upholstered. Sleek metal bar stools with low backs can turn your home bar into a swanky hangout.

Bar Tables

The difference between a bar table and a dining table is size--usually both height and width. The average bar table is about 42 inches tall; dining tables are usually about 30 inches. Dining tables can seat four, six, eight or more; bar tables are typically made to accommodate four, sometimes six.

Otherwise, shop for a bar table the way you shop for a dining table--select the material, shape and other features to suit your personal style. In other words, if you like a bar table, it is the right one. Especially when it's the bar table you saved a lot of money on by online shopping at

Bar Furniture Care

Like most furniture, dusting and the occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth is enough care for your bar furniture. Always check the manufacturer's recommendations to be sure. Remember that wherever there are drinks, there are bound to be spills sooner or later. Protect your wood bar stools and table with a good furniture polish. Spray upholstered bar stools with a fabric protector. Always wipe up spills as quickly as possible to avoid stains. You could also consider a set of coasters (available in's home decor store) to protect the top of your bar table. Order it all together to save on shipping.

Common Bar Furniture questions

Why are some barstools more expensive than others?

The main factors contributing to the prices of bar stools are materials and construction. For example, leather bar stools will probably cost more than stools upholstered in fabric. Some bar stools may seem similar but have different prices, and this could be due to the foam in the padding. They will both be comfortable and soft, but one bar stool may stay that way longer. The way that the bars stools are put together--if they are welded or screwed together, for example--can affect price, too.

Make sure to check whether the barstools you want are available individually or in sets. A price that may have seemed high will suddenly seem reasonable when you find out you are getting two stools for your money.

The last time I really enjoyed a cocktail was on vacation. How can I get that relaxed feeling back?

For the ultimate get-away that's right in your backyard, set up a home bar on your deck or patio. A lot of home bar furniture can be used inside and out. For the most weather-resistant materials, choose bar furniture made from metals like iron or aluminum. Now put an umbrella in your drink and watch the sun set.

Ideas from

Bar furniture use is not limited to martinis and wine. Bar stools make great breakfast bar stools for kids and teetotalers alike. Kitchen bar stools can turn an unused kitchen counter into a spot for your kids to do homework while you cook dinner.

If you are buying your new bar furniture to start a home bar, you'll need a few more supplies. Check out's home decor store for all kinds of barware: champagne flutes, wine glasses, beer steins, shot glasses, cocktail shakers, bottle openers, ice buckets, fruit knives, even blenders. You'll raise a glass to being able to fully stock your home bar at's discount prices.

Make the time you spend at your home bar with your friends and family even more enjoyable with board games from's sports and toys store. Or really deck out your home bar with a new big screen television from the electronics store. You'll never want the fun to end!

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