Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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What is a Duvet Cover?

"Duvet" is the French word for the down of birds, the under-feathers that have no spine. Duvet is also the name of a bag filled with down, feathers, wool or other natural stuffing to help keep people warm while they sleep. Today, people refer to this type of bedding as either a "comforter" or a "duvet" and their covers either as a comforter cover or a duvet cover.

A duvet cover is like a huge pillowcase for your comforter. Duvet covers can be changed as often as you want to wash them or whenever you change the style of your bedding. They open on one end for inserting the comforter. To put the duvet cover on, turn it inside out, place it at one end of your comforter, then pull it up over the comforter, turning it right-side out as you go.
Choosing the correct duvet cover size

You'll find duvet covers in sizes to fit all comforters. They are sold in similar sizes as all other bedding: twin duvet covers, full/queen duvet covers and king duvet covers. They are often generously sized to accommodate your particular comforter. The approximate duvet cover sizes are:

  • Twin: 63 inches x 85 inches to 68 inches x 88 inches
  • Full/Queen: 85 inches x 91 inches to 90 inches x 92 inches
  • King: 104 inches x 92 inches to 106 inches x 92 inches
  • California King: 102 inches x 99 inches

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Everything you need to know about Pillows

One of the most important things to consider when buying pillows is the position in which you tend sleep. A flatter pillow is usually good for back sleepers, while a firmer, raised pillow is good for side sleepers. Bed pillows come in several sizes. Standard, queen and king are the most common.

They have the following approximate dimensions:
  • Standard pillow: 20 inches x 26 inches
  • Queen pillow: 20 inches x 30 inches
  • King pillow: 20 inches x 36 inches Be aware that most bedding companies don't make queen pillowcases, only standard and king sizes. That's okay, though, because standard pillowcases will work just fine for queen pillows.
The fill inside your pillow will make the biggest difference as to how comfortable it is and how it holds up over time. Most bed pillows are filled with some kind of foam or down. Foam pillows can be found in various levels of firmness. They have great elasticity and don't sag. A good foam pillow will hold up for two or three years.

If you want firmness without elasticity, down pillows are the way to go. Down pillows can also be molded and fluffed for each new sleeping position. High-quality goose down pillows will hold up for almost a decade if well-maintained. You can purchase allergen-blocking pillow covers if you're allergic to down.

Memory foam pillows (often referred to as contour pillows) soften when they come in contact with heat. That means a memory foam pillow molds to the shape of your head and evenly distributes the weight, no matter what position you are in. Another benefit of a contoured memory foam pillow is it lasts much longer than other foam fill.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plumdrop Where Sellers Meet!

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For all you sellers we found this great site developed by the people of buyitsellit.com. The site is awesome & is developed just for sellers to promote, meet, share, and learn tons of helpful information check it

Plumdrop is where sellers of all venues meet, chat, socialize, promote, and share helpful tips on growing their online businesses.

  • PROMOTE your selling venues and deals.
  • MEET sellers that share similar interests.
  • SHARE tips, deals and photos with other members.
  • LEARN tips and tricks about selling online.
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How to edit your eBay xml feed & manually submit to Google

Okay, We just got it to work with a manual upload. It was actually ridiculously easy, so we guess this will be our (hopefully temporary) workaround while eBay gets its act together.

Here are the step-by-step instructions requested above:

If you have not setup your xml feed, a guide to doing so can be found here: Link

Download the xml file with your store listings:
1. Go to the Store Marketing page for your store
2. Click on "Listing Feeds"
3. Click on the link next to the text Your Google Base-specific file will be located at
4. Select File --> Save As in your browser and save the resulting xml file to your computer, changing the file type to "Web Page, XML Only" (at least, that's how it appears in Firefox)

Edit the XML file
1. Right click on the saved XML file and select "Open With". Choose Notepad from the list of programs.
2. In Notepad, it will pretty much look like gibberish. Press Ctrl-H to open the find & replace box. Enter "condition" in the find field and "g:condition" in the replace field (exclude the quotation marks). Replace all.
3. Save the file with File --> Save. Do not select "save as".

Upload your edited XML file to Google
1. Login to your existing Google Base account.
2. Click on "Data Feeds"
3. Click on "Manual: Upload File"
4. Point Google to the XML file that you downloaded, edited, and saved to your hard drive.

We figure this will take about 2 minutes, start to finish, going forward. We can live with that once a week, even if it annoys us and shouldn't be something we have to do at all...

Now this may not work for everyone & we are not experts but it worked for us & it's worth a shot

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FYI eBay is currently not submitting listings to Google

This is just a heads up for you eBay sellers. Ever since Googles switch to the new product condition eBay currently hasn't updated sellers feeds to Google so items are being rejected & no longer submitted to eBay. After contacting eBay we we're told that the issue is known & no solution date is known at this time. Also contacted Google and was informed that they are also aware of this & notified eBay over 3 months ago about the change so that they could prepare. Which unfortunately they did not. Yet another time this year that eBay has failed it's sellers. Its been a long tuff road for sellers this year on eBay & it doesn't appear to be getting any better anytime soon. So buckle up its gonna be a rough ride.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Retro Floral Orange & White 20-Piece Dinnerware Set

We we're browsing the internet late last night trying to find a gift for our friends wedding when we stumbled across this gorgeous dinnerware set on eBay. It was very decently priced & came with Free Shipping which is always a plus. We highly recommend checking them out! The seller had a lot of other beautiful dinnerware sets & lots of elegant down bedding & comforters.

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Saving and earning at our favorite retailers

I found a 100% free site that gives us automatic cash back at places like eBay, Target, Old Navy, Best Buy, and Gap.

BigCrumbs.com allows us to:

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There's no spam or hidden catches. The site has been around for over two years and members have earned cash back and referral commissions on millions of dollars in purchases.

We've been members now for almost two years & just love the site.

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Our First Blog Up & Running

This is a very exciting and some what confusing time for us at Warehouse Direct LLC as we stumble our way thru the ever changing world wide web. It's sure to be fun & provide for some good laughs we're sure. So feel free to join our blog & follow along with us on our journey.

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