Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Decorating With Wine Inspired Wall Art

Kitchen wall art is derived from many different areas of inspiration. Nature, animals, modern impressions and more all find their way into kitchen decor.  One of the most common themes in kitchen colors and patterns is a beverage with natural origins. Wine decor is one of the most used themes in kitchen decor, especially when it comes to wall art.

A common way that wine is often displayed is in a hanging wine rack.  The Metal Vine Wine Rack Bottle Holder is a perfect example of such a metal wall art piece. Its practical design holds two wine bottles.  By storing the wine on the wall, it too becomes part of the room’s decor. Although there are many different wine rack styles, this particular piece has an elegant curve and flow that makes it ideal for even the most sophisticated of kitchens.

When selecting wine inspired wall art, choose pieces that fit the look and feel of the kitchen. While practical pieces are always helpful with storage issues, they may not carry the same aesthetic look as more casual and whimsical sculptures. Once the wall art is added, include wine inspired accessories throughout the room to bring the look together.

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  1. Metal wine bottle holder holds wine and is also a work of art. The bottles looks like they are intertwined in vines. These kind of metal wine bottle holders are actually excellent presents since they enable you to combine an additional attention of the person to the present, including a bonus of personalized effect. Thanks a lot.