Wednesday, July 8, 2009

FYI eBay is currently not submitting listings to Google

This is just a heads up for you eBay sellers. Ever since Googles switch to the new product condition eBay currently hasn't updated sellers feeds to Google so items are being rejected & no longer submitted to eBay. After contacting eBay we we're told that the issue is known & no solution date is known at this time. Also contacted Google and was informed that they are also aware of this & notified eBay over 3 months ago about the change so that they could prepare. Which unfortunately they did not. Yet another time this year that eBay has failed it's sellers. Its been a long tuff road for sellers this year on eBay & it doesn't appear to be getting any better anytime soon. So buckle up its gonna be a rough ride.

Best wishes
Warehouse Direct LLC

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