Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is a Duvet Cover?

"Duvet" is the French word for the down of birds, the under-feathers that have no spine. Duvet is also the name of a bag filled with down, feathers, wool or other natural stuffing to help keep people warm while they sleep. Today, people refer to this type of bedding as either a "comforter" or a "duvet" and their covers either as a comforter cover or a duvet cover.

A duvet cover is like a huge pillowcase for your comforter. Duvet covers can be changed as often as you want to wash them or whenever you change the style of your bedding. They open on one end for inserting the comforter. To put the duvet cover on, turn it inside out, place it at one end of your comforter, then pull it up over the comforter, turning it right-side out as you go.
Choosing the correct duvet cover size

You'll find duvet covers in sizes to fit all comforters. They are sold in similar sizes as all other bedding: twin duvet covers, full/queen duvet covers and king duvet covers. They are often generously sized to accommodate your particular comforter. The approximate duvet cover sizes are:

  • Twin: 63 inches x 85 inches to 68 inches x 88 inches
  • Full/Queen: 85 inches x 91 inches to 90 inches x 92 inches
  • King: 104 inches x 92 inches to 106 inches x 92 inches
  • California King: 102 inches x 99 inches

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