Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to edit your eBay xml feed & manually submit to Google

Okay, We just got it to work with a manual upload. It was actually ridiculously easy, so we guess this will be our (hopefully temporary) workaround while eBay gets its act together.

Here are the step-by-step instructions requested above:

If you have not setup your xml feed, a guide to doing so can be found here: Link

Download the xml file with your store listings:
1. Go to the Store Marketing page for your store
2. Click on "Listing Feeds"
3. Click on the link next to the text Your Google Base-specific file will be located at
4. Select File --> Save As in your browser and save the resulting xml file to your computer, changing the file type to "Web Page, XML Only" (at least, that's how it appears in Firefox)

Edit the XML file
1. Right click on the saved XML file and select "Open With". Choose Notepad from the list of programs.
2. In Notepad, it will pretty much look like gibberish. Press Ctrl-H to open the find & replace box. Enter "condition" in the find field and "g:condition" in the replace field (exclude the quotation marks). Replace all.
3. Save the file with File --> Save. Do not select "save as".

Upload your edited XML file to Google
1. Login to your existing Google Base account.
2. Click on "Data Feeds"
3. Click on "Manual: Upload File"
4. Point Google to the XML file that you downloaded, edited, and saved to your hard drive.

We figure this will take about 2 minutes, start to finish, going forward. We can live with that once a week, even if it annoys us and shouldn't be something we have to do at all...

Now this may not work for everyone & we are not experts but it worked for us & it's worth a shot

Best wishes,
Warehouse Direct LLC

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